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Unlock Superior Hydration

Struggle with These Water Filteration Issues?

  • Uncertain Water Quality?

    Are you concerned about potential contaminants like Chlorine, lead, or harmful chemicals lurking in your water supply, putting your family's health at risk?

  • Foul Tastes and Odors?

    Are you fed up with having to tolerate that lingering chlorine taste, rotten egg smell from sulfur, or other unpleasant odors every time you pour a glass of water?

  • Battling Hard Water Woes?

    Are you battling stubborn limescale buildup, soap scum, and mineral deposits that are damaging your appliances and plumbing fixtures?

  • Water Health Concerns?

    Are you worried about potential lead leaching into your water from old pipes and plumbing, putting your health at risk, especially for children?

  • Water Stains or Discoloration?

    Do you have to deal with unsightly orange-brown stains from high iron content or other mineral discoloration marring your sinks, toilets, and laundry?

  • Environmental Impact Worries?

    Are you looking for a more sustainable solution that reduces plastic waste from bottled water while still providing safe, clean hydration?

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Why Choose Simplywater

Experience the Purity of Nature in Every Drop

We understand the importance of keeping your water clean, pure, and restored back to nature. That's why we offer a range of water filtration and restructuring options to suit your specific needs. Our filters are designed to remove impurities and contaminants, providing you with clean drinking water every time you tap it. We can restructure the whole home or your point of drinking area to ensure you are optimizing the cellular structure of the water you are drinking. From the smallest point-of-use filters to larger whole-home systems, we have the solution for you.

  • Carefully engineered to remove impurities

    Our filters are custom designed to remove a wide range of contaminants found in Tennessee tap water, including chlorine, chloramines, viruses, pesticides, heavy metals, and other impurities that can leave your water unsafe to drink.

  • Easy to use and install with minimal maintenance

    Our filters are designed to be easy to use and install, with minimal maintenance requirements. Whether you have a single faucet or a large household, we have a system that suits your needs.

  • Comprehensive range of options to suit your needs

    Many companies focus on simply cleaning or softening your water. We take a more comprehensive approach focused on both the cleanliness and health benefits. That is why we offer a range of water treatment options including filtration, softening, restructuring, alkalizing, hydrogenating, and conditioning your water. Whatever your end goal is, we are right here to help you achieve it.

We offer financing

Prefer to pay over time rather than all at once? Prequalify for financing today and contact us to learn more about our services!

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Don't let confusion stand in your way! We're here to guide you through the water treatment process. We understand the unique challenges of tap and well water in Middle Tennessee, so we take the time to gather your specific water treatment needs. This allows us to recommend the most effective, efficient, and cost-saving solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Join us in protecting your family's health by scheduling a free water analysis.

Hydration for Every Family

Shop Eco Line Whole Home Filtration

Our ECO line is an affordable way to clean up the water in your entire house. From our standalone h2opure ECO whole home filter, to the addition of a River of Life or Biodynamizer combo, feel safe and healthy knowing your protecting you and your family from the outside in.

Exclusive filtration for Discerning Tastes

Shop Premium Line Whole Home Filtration

Our Premium line is our top-of-the-line way to clean up the water in your entire home with a longer lasting life to preserve your investment. From our standalone h2opure Premium whole home filter, to the addition of a River of Life or Biodynamizer combo, feel safe and healthy knowing your drinking the best city water this side of the mountains.


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Our Reviews

What Our Clients Say

We love hearing from our customers about their experiences with our systems. That's why we have compiled a selection of reviews to give you a sense of what they're saying about us and our products. If you've had a positive experience, we would love to hear from you and add your review to our collection.

  • One of the best decisions I have ever made. I highly recommend. The water is great, and has countless health benefits. Great water, great staff.

    Rex T. Yelp
  • I can't stress enough about how important water filtration is for your home. This is the best whole home system I've seen after way too much research. Most people think purifying the water you drink is enough but it's not. You shower and breath in the steam from all the chemicals.

    Carter G. Yelp
  • We love the alkaline and PH water, it has changed our family for the better. I would recommend to anyone that wants the best water for your body and stop using chemicals in your entire home.

    Sean J. Google

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